This farming scene birthday cake was my first cake that I did for a friend and I was thrilled with how it turned out. My friend’s little boy absolutely loves John Deere tractors and everything about farming.  His mom wanted a nice cake with a tractor and some plastic farm animals on it. Well, this is where I came in. I try really hard not to use plastic objects on my cake so I made the animals all by hand.  They are all 100% fondant and I love how they turned out. My friend still has the cake toppers in a plastic bag and the party was back in August.  She didn’t want that much time and energy spent in something to be thrown away, it is art.

Both cakes are white cake with a vanilla butter cream and homemade raspberry filling. Each tier is four inches high and covered with marshmallow fondant.  The bottom tier has a picket fence made from fondant and then iced around with royal icing grass. The top tier has fondant made corn stalks and the John Deere logo with the little boy’s name on it.

The cake topper was of course a John Deere tractor. Or at least what I thought it looked like made out of fondant. It has the number three on it for his birthday year and it has a steering wheel and seat inside. The base of the tractor and the hood were all made from rice krispy treats covered in fondant.

The hardest part of this cake was the tractor and animals. The sheep was the most time consuming since I had to make all those little balls for the fur. The pigs were easy and cute with the mud puddle. Everyone at the party was in awe and they loved the taste even better. It was also hard to transport a cake. I took it in layers and got to the party early and assembled the cake.  Dowels held up each tier as well as the tractor but as you can see one dowel was a little to short and the tractor was lopsided. Watched a lot of rice kripsy fondant tutorials and looked all over the internet for tractor help. I think it turned out pretty cute and the three year old little boy was so happy. Success!!

I hope you enjoy my version of a John Deere Tractor Cake.