Coolest Power Ranger Birthday Cake

I was asked by a friend if I would make a Homemade Power Ranger Birthday Cake for her little boy’s 4th birthday. I have never attempted anything of the sort, but I always love a challenge! After doing some searching on this site and the internet in general, I came up with this idea. I did not have a power ranger cake pan so I needed to get creative!

I baked 5 9-inch rounds, cooled them and stacked them on top of each other with a layer of frosting in between. (This was a long process as you can only bake 2 at a time!)

I let the stack of cake freeze and then used a bread knife to carve it into a more rounded shape coming to more of a point in the front for the helmet and curved in at the bottom to resemble a head. I gave the whole thing a crumb coat and then proceeded to pipe red frosting over the whole thing, starting at the bottom and ending at the top of the helmet.

The rest of the cake’s embellishments were just made from fondant. I dyed the fondant black the night before (very time consuming!) for the mask and then I just used plain white fondant for the other decorations and then “painted” them silver with a mixture of silver dust and lemon juice.

I was very happy with the end result and so was the birthday boy!

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