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Coolest Princess & the Frog Birthday Cake

I made this Princess & the Frog Birthday Cake for a little girl who told me she wanted a tiered cake like what did for my own niece. I took my inspiration for the cake from doing a number of princess and the frog cakes and the reusable bag I bought from the Disney store. It is a fresh lemon cake made with a vanilla box cake with my signature fresh lemon buttercream frosting. The bottom tier is a 10 inch square and the top tier is an 8 inch round. I tinted the base frostings with gel colors rose and purple for the top and lemon yellow for the bottom. Just a few dabs of each color.

To make the green frosting I took a blue store-bought frosting and mixed it with lemon yellow gel colors until I got that shade of green. I created the pool on the top of the cake dying piping gel blue and smearing it on top of the cake with a ripple effect. I surrounded the pool with chocolate rocks from a candy store. I made the frog with green fondant leftover from the princess’s dress. I covered the tops of both cakes with the grass and leaf border. I airbrushed the top cake with a green shimmer. The flower vines were made with a tip 1 and pink sparkle gel. The purple flowers were some leftover royal icing flowers I’d made for another cake, just dropped sporadically. The vines on the cake were tip 3.

The princess was made using the Wilton mini wonder pan and the petite princess cake topper. I covered the base of her dress with yellow fondant tinged with a little juniper green. I took the same fondant tinged it with a little more juniper and used the large leaf cutter to create the inner leaves of her dress. The top leaves were cut freehand in a curvy leaf shape from fondant tinted with juniper green, Kelly green, and lemon yellow. (The color was a little harder to come by) I dabbed the tops of the leaves with water and layered her dress together. I painted the whole bottom of the dress with green shimmer dust and piped flower vines down the front with the tip 1.

Faith turned 8 and proclaimed it the best birthday cake ever.

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