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Tinkerbell Cake

I made these Tinkerbell cakes for my twin daughter’s 2nd bday with friends. I decided since there would be small children fondant wasn’t the best way to go so I used a buttercream recipe from C&H Sugar, on the back of the box. I made 4 4in cakes, 2 8in and 2 6in. chocolate and yellow, betty crocker mixes. I don’t make the cake mix from scratch, too time consuming with two 2 year olds!(I also made a tinkerbell doll cake, but I am going to submit that separate). I made 5 1lb boxes of the C&H Sugar butter cream recipe. I had a little left over when I was done. I tinted it purple using wilton coloring. I used a leveler to trim the ‘muffin tops’ off the cakes to make them even, after I put them in the fridges. This doesn’t take the moistness out of the cakes just makes them easier to handle. I am not sure of freezing like some do. Haven’t tried that yet, don’t want it to effect the integrity/taste of my cakes. I crumb frosted the cakes, and let sit so the crumb frosting would harden a bit. I then measured my wooden dowels and placed 4-6 in the bottom tier. I added the 6in tier on top and frosted the whole thing. I frosted the 4in cakes also. I then took tinkerbell ribbon I found at Michaels on sale for $1 (what luck) and from someone elses suggestion on this site, put masking tape on the inside of the ribbon before placing it in the cakes. If you don’t do this the butter from the icing greases through the ribbon! I attached the ribbon using a little icing also. I made 2-3 days in advance the flowers and leaves using 2 recipes of wilton royal icing. Do not use a hand mixer, it is too hard! I almost killed my hand mixer. Use a stand mixer(kitchen aid, etc). I used 2D tip wilton and a smaller swirl flower tip, disposable piping bags, and wilton coloring to for the flowers. I used a leaf tip for the leaves. I read on wilton.com how to pipe the flowers and leaves. I made about 500 flowers and 250 leaves!!! I then just attached them to the cake using a bit of the purple icing. It was nice because they covered some trouble spots. Then attached the candles, I stuck tooth picks in the bottom of the candles also. I have found this helps support them. I also piped the dots around the bottom of the cakes with a small round tip. What a labor of love! I have gotten two cake orders from friends now, and have only made cakes for about 25day!!! Happy decorating!

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