This Purple Evil Minion cake was such fun to make, even though at times I thought this is going to look nothing like the image I have in my mind. But little Brandon kept coming into the kitchen telling me “that is going to look good mum ” and it gave me the courage to push on – and make it, and make it good.

Underneath the outer exterior of this Minion was four 6 inch stacked chocolate mud cakes, covered in butter cream. AND hidden under the final layer of fondant, was an absolute disaster layer. The tall cylinder shape of this fella, meant that when I layed the fondant, it was perfect at the top and immediate sides, but as I got lower, the weight started to pull, stretch and tear in places, as well as the extra bunching and gathering.

I cut off what I could and then took to the smoother, oh, it made it a bit better, but I nearly cried, I’m never going to be able to fix this I was thinking. So, I went to bed and slept on it. I decided to add another layer of fondant  in two pieces to avoid any mishaps again.

There was a top piece and a bottom piece wrapped around, leaving the join mark around the area where the black headband for the goggle would go. Phew, I sighed, I pulled myself out of the depression of thinking I nearly destroyed my son’s birthday cake, the one he’d been planning for several months now, lol, and I was back on track.

I made several pieces the night before I went to bed so they could dry of course, the teeth, goggle, eye, etc. Attached them all with shortened kitchen wooden skewers, for a while I was worried the goggle would fall down from the weight, but it all worked out in the end, and by careful angling.

The hair, well in my mind I would of loved to have whipped up some fairy floss, and made the maddest hair ever! but living in sunny Queensland and having to transport this cake to school to enjoy with classmates on the final day of school before holidays, I knew it would end in disaster. The beautiful hair would just shrivel into a clump of sugar and that would be that.

So after much thinking, and rethinking, I decided to just use one of the kids play-dough press, and spent the next few hours building up the hair. I tell you, it was not the easiest thing to do, the pushing and pushing certainly made for very very sore hands but I got there in the end.

It was soooo sad to cut up and eat this fella.  I felt like I was murdering  my new found friend, ha ha ha,  lucky I took lots of photos to remember him by. Brandon loved his cake, in fact as I’m typing this (as he asked me what I’m doing), he’s chatting away to me in the background already planning his cake for next year. You can do it can’t you mum ??? yeah you’re great !

Love his little guts!