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Coolest 12th Birthday Minion Cake

This is my first minion cake ever. It took two days to make and my first attempt ended in disaster as the whole minion just collapsed. Although I had to restart from the scratch, I managed to get done by the deadline.

I made the cake for my friend’s step daughter and she was amazed when she saw it. She didn’t expect any surprise whatsoever so needless to say, she was very happy with her cake.

Minion Cake Instructions

  • The round pan used to create the bottom of the Minion was 16cm.
  • The cake was a chocolate with Dumle cream.
  • To make round head shape I used a Wilton’s ball pan.
  • The cake was covered with fondant which I made out of melted marshmallow, water, and coconut fat.
  • To make the fondant yellow and blue I used Wilton gel colours.
  • The goggle was made from marshmallow fondant a couple of days in advance and I attached toothpicks to it while it was still soft. That made it easy to just attach the goggle to rest of the cake later.
  • The goggle hardened in a plastic box.
  • The arms and legs were made of fondant as well. The arms were attached with toothpicks.