Coolest R2D2 Cake Design

I donated my time and this R2D2 Cake Design to our local cubscouts Pinewood derby event as a “silent auction” item.

R2D2 took 3 days to make. He is also 8 inches wide (including the legs, which are made out of fondant and rice crispy treats) and his body is 3 6 inch vanilla cake pans with a half or dome cake pan on top.

After baking the cakes and crumb coating them (I crumb coated his body and head separately from each other), I them covered his head with fondant. Then I worked on the fondant for his body (I make all the fondant myself), then I decided to make him look more original so I added squares and rectangles all over his body to give him more “personality”- more ” machine like qualities”.

I couldn’t get the blue just right so I ended up having to paint that after I dyed the fondant so it’s not as pretty as it could have been had I achieved what I needed to while I kneaded the color into the fondant, but practice makes perfect, I guess.

Oh I should point out that I didn’t think R2 would hold up unless he had some “extra”support, so I used the other dome cake pan and filled it entirely with rice crispy treat mix and then cut off the rounded part to give him more stability.

All in all I am very proud of this cake. And I’m very happy to say that the person who bought him has a birthday party for her son tomorrow and R2 will be the guest of honor ( along side the birthday boy!) So I’m happy he’ll be put to good use.

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