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Coolest Rabbit of Caerbannog Cake from Monty Python

This Rabbit of Caerbannog Cake from Monty Python was for my brother’s 20th birthday. He had requested a carrot cake and when he saw how disappointed I looked he suggested maybe a carrot shape or rabbit. I decided to do the Killer Rabbit from Monty Python.

To make this cake I baked 1 loaf and a few muffins of carrot cake and made up some white chocolate ganache. All I ended up needing was:

1x cake board

2x skewers

3-4 boxes of orchard rtr white icing

A few pictures of rabbits from different angles

White chocolate + cream to make ganache

Food coloring

chocolate powder to color the skull

Apricot syrup (equal parts boiling water &apricot jam)

Thin pieces of cardboard (I had tried making the ears out of icing and ended up covering the stiff cardboard in icing).

Once the head and body had been carved with a bread knife and reinforced by skewers, I syruped the cake and covered it in ganache. The whole cake was chilled and then the ganache smooth with a hot dry knife.

I then started to roll out icing and cover cake, the icing being so cold I needed to put the icing in the microwave for a few seconds to soften.

Being an odd shape I used a hot dry knife again to blend the join lines and started on the holy grenade and skull. The skull is just rtr icing I had. I tissued inside to help keep the shape while drying. The grenade is not the same design as the movie, it is two muffins top to top covered the same was as the rabbit.

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