Coolest Sesame Street Cake

This Sesame Street cake was for my son’s first birthday. It was a white chocolate and raspberry mud cake with white chocolate ganache covered in fondant.

I was really pleased with how this turned out. Being the youngest of 3 boys, I had to make sure that he didn’t miss out on a cool cake just like my other 2 boys had.

Because of all the practice I had with my older 2, I had learnt what to do and what not to do. This cake is made with 2 full size cakes with the top one upside down to make the top so flat and square. Then used chocolate ganache to fill and cover, the put it in the fridge overnight so the ganache would harden and make it easier to get a good finish on the fondant.

Everyone thought I bought the cake, and didn’t believe me when I said I made it until I showed them photos of the stages. They said I should go into business. But these cakes take so long, more a labour of love than a business, but now I know why they charge so much. There would be at least 7 hours of labour, not including cooking time, and probably at least $60 for the ingredients and figurines on top. But it was all worth it for my baby boy, and he will always had the figurines to play with once the cake was all gone.

And by the way, the cake tasted even better than it looked.

Homemade Sesame Street Cake

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  1. I think you did and awesome cake for you little boy… I would like to also make one for my daughters first birthday but i’m kind of scared to do it alone.. I don’t want to ruin it.. if you may please send me step by step of how you did it.. email… thank you!



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