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Coolest Reindeer Cake

My kids, nieces, and nephews look forward to an eccentric cake at our Christmas Party, each one different from the previous year. I’ve made castles, trees, etc., and then my daughter suggested that I make a Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Cake.

Using a 13×9″ chocolate cake and an 8″ chocolate cake, I was able to fashion the general shape of the reindeer head and neck. The icing on this cake was made with pudding and peanut butter, among other things, so it was glossy when it was finished, but the same effect can be achieved using regular frosting. The mane was made from chocolate frosting, warmed and gently applied. The ear (made by cake remnants) was decorated with a slice of strawberry; the eye was a dollop of Cool Whip and an inverted chocolate Kiss; the bridle was simply Bubble Tape and the bells on it were peppermint Kisses; the antlers were pretzel rods. The nose was the highlight: a big, round lollipop with a trimmed stick.

It was difficult to top this one the next year!

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