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Coolest Penguin Winter Wonderland Cake

My hubby and myself made this Penguin Winter Wonderland cake at home, to say thank you to every one at 44…

This cake was made from chocolate sponge and covered with sugar paste. About two weeks before we started the cake I had to start drawing and organizing the run out templates for the decoration on the cake sides, so pre piped and flooded the reindeer and sledge. Once I was sure all was dry about 5 days later I removed from the acetate sheets and decorated all the reindeer and set aside to dry again.

Most of the cake decoration couldn’t be done until the cake had been made and covered for delivery on the Wednesday morning so Tuesday was a very long day, and so close to Christmas, my kids just couldn’t stop looking at all the detail so while trying to find room to make the truffle penguins and marzipan trees was a challenge it all worked out in the end.

The lettering was piped freehand using royal icing in white, then I over piped in red and decorated the lettering slightly…

Again using the royal icing I piped rope around the bottom edge to give a snowy effect and snow drifts on the cake top and board to hold the trees in place over piping with royal icing to give them a snowy covered effect.

The reindeer and sledge where attached using royal icing and the same with the small sugar snowflakes all around the sides.

The penguins where made from truffles “homemade” by my hubby then once set in the fridge was covered in sugar paste  black for the main body then a white strip added for the tummy and face, two small eyes where added and some orange colored sugar paste for the beak and flippers. Once the trees had set in place the penguins where added using royal icing having a snowball fight.

On delivery the penguins all fell over and I forgot to take a spare bag of icing just in case this happened but it still looked good.

Coolest Penguin Winter Wonderland Cake

Coolest Penguin Winter Wonderland Cake

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