When my son’s fourth birthday came around he was obsessed with robots. He wanted all the movies, action figures, etc. So we knew that his party would be robots.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I made a robot cake topper that matched his invitation out of fondant and gum paste and let it harden for like a week. I attached it to the cake with a long skewer going both layers and icing his body to the top tier. I didn’t want him to fall over, he was quite heavy. I did his legs separate and just stuck them on with the royal icing grass. The sides of the cake I wanted to make more robots and gears. He loves gears and gadgets and I wanted to highlight that for my little guy.

I did the gears out of circle cutters with another little petal cutter to cut out in between the teeth. I had a real hard time covering these cakes and had tears at the bottoms so I decided to make a ribbon of fondant in the corresponding color to hide those flaws. It actually worked well. I made his name “GAVIN” out of fondant cut letters that I hand carved and let dry overnight before attaching to cake. I used tinted butter cream to finish off the edge with some piped ruffles and then made some grass for the robot.

The cake themselves are white box cake mix with a raspberry filling and vanilla butter cream.  The top tier was chocolate with raspberry. I covered the cakes with marshmallow fondant and proceeded to decorate.  The whole cake took me two days to complete and I was very happy with it.

My birthday boy was extremely excited to have a robot cake and he wanted to play with the gears when I was making it.  I think I had an extra one he got to eat.  All in all I learned a lot from this cake.  Next time I will cover the robot in fondant and do rice krispy treats under that to help with all that weight.