Coolest Sea Food Loving Sponge Bob Cake

I used a Wilton Sponge Bob cake pan and a 2′ square pan as the base. Baking time for the Sponge Bob was about 20 mins, while the square pan took about 45 mins to bake. I used  pound fruit cakes.

The square base was coated with butter cream icing and covered with blue (sugar flair navy blue) fondant. I used Wilton graceful vines for the fondant and airbrushed it blue with kroma airbrush color.

The Sponge Bob pan came with instructions (Thank God) which I followed, but added a twist of my own.

Piping Sponge Bob was a bit tasking. Tip 13 was used for the piping except the brown which is tip 18. To get the jet black color  I used Crisco vegetable shortening and Wilton black. Be careful not to add too much black, otherwise you get a bitter taste, which I did. Sugar flair colors don’t give bitter taste.

I used various textured rolling pins on  marbled fondant for the sea creatures all around Sponge Bob. By Sponge Bob’s head is a blue octopus, left is a crab, right is a shark fighting to get to the bottom, at feet, another fish…..

Baking took roughly an hour, while dressing the cake took a whooping 7 hours. But it was well worth the effort. When my colleagues saw it. All of a sudden I felt like decorating 10 Sponge Bob cakes.

Coolest Sea Food Loving Sponge Bob Cake

Coolest Sea Food Loving Sponge Bob Cake

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