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Coolest Sponge Bob Square Pants Birthday Cake

I asked my soon to be 3 year old what he wanted for his birthday cake and he said “Thomas The Train”!! So I researched how to make the best Thomas cake and started experimenting with the cake. A week and a half before his birthday, as we are walking past the bakery aisle, he sees a Sponge Bob cake and tells me that he now wants a Sponge Bob Cake!! I tried changing his mind back to Thomas The Train, but he wouldn’t budge. So I took a deep breath, went home and began searching for Sponge Bob cakes.

I was very nervous about making this Sponge Bob Square Pants Birthday Cake because I didn’t have time to make a trial run Sponge Bob cake (those that know me, know that I always make a couple of trial runs before I make the final cake)! So I gathered all of my materials and started baking my cake on Friday night (his party was on Sunday) so that the cake had plenty of time to “set”. I started decorating the cake Saturday afternoon and finished up the details on Sunday morning and then put the final touches on Spongebob at the party location. To my pure delight (and my son’s)….the cake was AWESOME!!! I was extremely pleased with the finished product! The guests also loved it! The cake was a HIT!!


1 sheet baking pan (12×18)

3 boxed cake mix (funfetti)

1 can white buttercream frosting (to be used as the crumb catcher)

2 cans yellow frosting (lemon or color white frosting yellow)

1 can brown (milk chocolate) frosting

1 can white frosting

white fondant

blue fondant

2 Hershey chocolate drops

pink icing

1 tube of black icing writing

red icing

Black twizzler

2 pretzel rods

2 breadsticks

2 Swiss rolls or hoho’s

3 “Big” marshmallows (Big size, not regular sized ones)

4 pinwheel cookies


** I made my cake 2 days before the party to allow me plenty of time to decorate and it also gave me “breather” room in case the cake didn’t turn out and I had to remake it.

Coat the cake pan with baking spray and a light layer of flour. Make and bake cake according to the directions on the cake box. Allow the cake to cool completely. Invert onto a cooling rack or parchment paper to allow additional cooling. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Place in freezer for 1 hour before cutting to allow the cake to firm up to make cutting easier.

Place on parchment or waxed paper to cut. Cut the cake into the form of Spongebob. He is not completely squared. The top is slightly wider and he tapers at the waist and pants.

Once cut, use the buttercream frosting to lightly cover the cake. This is my crumb catcher layer (it catches the crumbs to make frosting it easier).

I frosted SpongeBob in 3 sections. I first did the yellow, then the brown and then the white. Next, place the twizzlers on his pant for the belt. I then let this sit for about an hour to allow the frosting to dry a little. Once the frosting set, I used the black writing icing to outline his shirt and tie. I used the red icing to color in his tie.

Early Sunday morning, I rolled out the blue and white fondant and cut out circle for his eyes. I rolled it out super thin. I also cut small rectangles for his teeth. Place the eyes in place, using the chocolate drops for the pupil. I used the black icing for his eyelashes.

After I had the eyes in place, I outlined his mouth with a toothpick and then traced it with the black icing. I frosted the mouth with the brown icing and used the pink icing for his tongue. His nose is outlined with the black icing also. Since the party was at a different location and his legs and arms wouldn’t fit into the box, I had to wait to do that.

I used two pinwheels each for his pant legs. They are stuck together by white icing. I stuck the pretzel rods through both and stuck them into the cake. Cut a marshmallow in half for his socks. His shoes are the Swiss rolls. The pretzel rods are stuck in the top of them.

Cut about an inch off of each breadstick, spread a little bit of white frosting onto the bottom and side of the marshmallow and place on top of the breadstick. Once attached, place on the side of his face.

You have now created your very own Sponge Bob Square Pants!!

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