Coolest Sesame Street 1st Birthday Cake

This homemade Sesame Street 1st birthday cake with the accompanying mini-cakes was a HUGE hit at my twin boys’ 1st birthday!

I started with the Wilton “#1” pan. I used a chocolate cake mix. I used Wilton’s decorating class butter cream icing recipe and to change the flavor of the icing I used clear almond extract instead of vanilla. I used a #18 tip to create stars to decorate the cake and a #5 tip for the writing. I used Wilton icing gels to color the icing. For blue I used “royal blue”, yellow was “lemon yellow” and “golden yellow” and red was “no taste red”.

Wilton’s instructions said to use “lemon yellow” for all of Big Bird’s fur and beak but I found it was very hard to distinguish the outline of the beak so I went back and colored over the beak with “golden yellow” icing and it made a HUGE difference.

For the Sesame Street characters I used a Wilton Big Bird & Cookie Monster mini-loaf pan. I made 18 mini-characters with lemon cake mix to serve the littlest guests and put 2 of the characters on top of the #1 cake to tie in the Sesame Street theme. I used tooth picks to hold the characters in place on the larger cake. I also used a #18 tip for the character’s fur and a #5 tip for the eyes, Big Bird’s beak and detailing and for Cookie Monster’s mouth.

Because I was pressed for time I used the #18 tip because it covered more area than Wilton’s recommended #16 tip however, I found the #18 tip looked just fine. If you want more detail on your cake you could always use tip #16.

If you don’t have access to Wilton’s Sesame Street mini-loaf pan you could still create Sesame Street characters on the top of the cake using the top of a cupcake for your base (you could easily do Zoe, Elmo, Cookie Monster & Oscar).

This homemade Sesame Street 1st birthday cake was so much fun to make and I found myself changing my original design plan as I went along. It took about 4 hours to complete the big cake and mini-cakes.

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