The Sesame Street Neighborhood 3rd Birthday Cake was by FAR the most amount of work for his party, as usual. I am a hobbyist in the cake department, completing usually two a year, one for each child. In preparing a design for the cake, I asked Nate what he would like on it. I was expecting, “Cookie Monster or Ernie”. Ummm, no. Instead, I got the answer, “Maria, Luis, Gaby, Susan, Gordon, Miles.” Yeah, suuuuure, let me just whip up those people. I was stumped. Then, I had an idea.

I built the 123 Sesame Street building from gumpaste and dried it. It surrounded a 16 layer chocolate cake when it was assembled. I found images online and in books and sent them to a friend to be printed on edible sugar sheets. It was as easy as attaching a sticker, when I ‘glued’ them to the gumpaste. The rest of the characters and lamp posts were made using a combination of gumpaste and fondant and a whole lot of patience. I really like doing it, otherwise, adding toys to a square cake, decorated like a building would work just as well.