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Coolest Sesame Street Elmo Cookie Monster Big Bird Cupcakes

For my son, Stone’s, 3rd birthday party he decided on a Sesame Street theme! For his “friends’ party” I made Sesame Street Elmo Cookie Monster Big Bird Cupcakes. **helpful hint: much easier to hand out to kids then cutting a cake**

I used store boxed cake mix and made cupcakes as directed and let them cool for a day. I also used my grocery store’s butter cream frosting and had them dye it red, blue and yellow (I blended the leftover blue and yellow to make the top cupcake’s green frosting). Regular and Double Stuffed Oreo’s, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and orange Mike & Ike candies we used to add facial features.

I “sawed” the regular Oreo’s in half with a butter knife. I found it easier, and they didn’t crumble like when I would cut them to make Cookie Monster’s mouth. The Double Stuffed Oreos were easier to “de-ice” to make Elmo’s mouth. To make all of their eyes, I poked a hole with a kabob skewer in the mini marshmallows to help the chocolate chip stay in pointy side down. To make Elmo’s nose, I cut the orange Mike & Ike’s in half.

To make Elmo: I first put the de-iced Oreo cookie, design side down, on the cupcake. I used red butter cream frosting in a piping bag with the “grass” tip to frost his fur. (the one that looks like a shower head…don’t know the #) Place eyes and nose on…Done :)

To make Cookie Monster: I frosted with the blue butter cream with the same “grass” tip all over the cupcake. Push the cut Oreo in for the mouth and place on the eyes…Done.

To make Big Bird: I frosted the cupcake with the “grass” tip piping bag filled with yellow frosting. Place the whole orange Mike & Ike on sideways for his beak. Place eyes on…Done :)

To make the topper cupcake: I mixed the leftover blue and yellow frosting together and piped without a tip onto the cupcake. I made a paper topper with my son’s name and age on to look like the Sesame Street sign. I laminated it so it would get dirty.

The cupcakes were a hit!! And really didn’t take a lot time.

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