Coolest Sesame Street Sign Birthday Cake

For my daughter’s three year birthday party I decided on a Sesame Street theme. Sesame street is a very easy theme as there is so much out there related. We made bean bags from Sesame Street fabric, colored printed pages, and hunted for the alphabet. The only problem was that I had used the Sesame Street cake from Publix for her second birthday. I am obviously not a cake decorator, but couldn’t help but to torture myself by making her cake (my first). A friend lent me her decorating supplies and off I went.

The Sesame Street Sign Birthday Cake is modeled after the invitations I made of the Sesame Street sign (I did those using Microsoft Word). I baked one large sheet cake and one round. I cut the round in half and set it on top to form the shape of a street sign. I then sat for five hours and placed stars all over this cake. Very time consuming, but well worth once it was all said and done.

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