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Cute Homemade Sheep Cake

This sheep cake was the first time I had tried cake decorating, it was for Hunter’s 1st birthday and it went down a treat – looked great and tasted even better!

This was a simple chocolate cake decorated with green swirls of butter-milk icing (plenty of recipes for this on the web). There is quite a bit of icing required! The face was ready made icing rolled out. We used a flesh coloring for the face and ears, black and white for the eyes and used the flat end of a pencil to make holes for the nostrils.

We put the cake on an upside down dinner plate so we could decorate it, but couldn’t actually get it off again to put on the board we had covered in wrapping paper. It didn’t really matter though.

If I did this one again – I would spread a thin layer of the green icing over the cake so you couldn’t see any of the brown chocolate cake through the swirls (it took us a while to hide them all).

It was so much fun and my son even knew it was a sheep (either a clever decorator or a clever one year old). Baaa baaa everyone!

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