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Cool Homemade Skate Park Birthday Cake

My nephew wanted a cool birthday cake. But, he couldn’t think of what he wanted. He was turning 12 so, it couldn’t be just a cartoon character or basic design it had to be AWESOME!

The only thing I could come up with that I KNEW he liked was skateboarding. However he didn’t want JUST a skateboard drawn on a cake. So, I had to figure out HOW to make a Skate Park Birthday Cake easily.

All it is, is two round cakes (1 small). I chilled them so I could cut what I wanted. I wanted it to be ALL edible. So, I cut stairs out of the bottom to add depth. Then I put the top circle on AFTER using dowel rods to insure it not to collapse. Then I took the cake remaining from the stairs and trimmed it, then put it next to the ramp on the big circle. I scooped out some of the cake in the little circle to make it look like a ramp.

Then, I iced it, added some skateboarding logos and did Happy Birthday in graffiti. I also bought a mini skateboard (only thing not edible). He loved it!

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