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Coolest Skateboard Birthday Cake

My son Robert just loves skateboarding so I had to come up with a Skateboard Birthday Cake. His favorite skateboarder is Ryan Schekler too.

I started with one 13 X 9 inch cake and one 9 inch round, cooled them in the fridge, cut the 9 inch round in half for the ends of the skateboard, and carved the 13 x 9 inch on the sides.

Put them together and crumb coated it with buttercream frosting with blue food coloring. Froze for 1/2 hour and refrosted it. I then froze the cake again for 1/2 hour to put the icing on.

I found a skateboard design on-line from Ryan Schekler’s Plan B skateboards and copied the design with the icing.

The wheels are chocolate covered mini donuts and the trucks are Pirouette cookies (I’ve also read you could use cereal straws as trucks). My son thought it was “tight”! I guess that’s good in his words!

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