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Coolest Skateboard Cake

My cousin just loves skateboards and anything having to do with them. I made this Skateboard Cake for his fourth birthday party after seeing several on this site. I also blended the idea for the skull off of this site as well.

I started with a 9X13″ and a 9″ round cake. I cut the 9″ round into two equal halves. I then trimmed all of the cakes to the same height so there wouldn’t be any ridges. I then placed the halves on either end of the 9X13 and trimmed the sides inward to give a little curve. The cake measured 9X21 when all the pieces were assembled so I had to piece together a bigger cake board.

I then iced the entire cake with chocolate icing tinted black. I also made 3 cups of butter cream icing using the recipe from Wilton. I tinted some of it red, yellow, and left some white. Using a toothpick I drew out the flames and skull. I then used a large round tip and red icing to fill the lower portion of the flame area. I had to use a #2 round tip to do the detail flame area. I then used the same technique to do the yellow portion of the flames.

I pulled the colors together using an icing spatula, but you could also do this with just a butter knife. I then used a #2 round tip and white icing to outline and fill in the skull, using the icing spatula to smooth the inside icing. I used a leaf tip to do the flames around the base alternating the red and yellow icing.

The wheels are made of chocolate covered mini doughnuts and the axles are Oreo cookie straws. Be careful when pressing the wheels on the straws because the straws are delicate and break easily. I found the best way to do this is to press lightly and give a little twist.

My cousin was so excited to get this cake and he said it was his “bestest birthday” so far.

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  1. this cake looks really good .think ill try this for my son. You did a really good job, no store sells skateboarding cakes. He will love this.


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