My son was turning six and was at the stage where all things gross, creepy, crawly and slimy are really cool. So we made him a Homemade Snakes Skulls and Spiders Birthday Cake! We called it the “tattoo” cake because that is what it reminded us of. For fun, we put food coloring in the cake batter so the inside colors were bright as well.

Frosting is buttercream and most of the decorations are fondant. We used the trick of cutting the oven warming drawer on to harden the fondant. The decorations were made using a combination of mixing the coloring in the fondant it self and painting food color on the cut outs. Since I did not have any cookie cutters for the skull shapes, I made a paper stencil and traced around it using a toothpick (poked little holes around the edge) and then just used a bit of water on my finger tip to smooth the sides of the cut out once removed.