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Coolest Snow White Scene Birthday Cake

My four year old wanted a Snow White Scene Birthday Cake for her birthday. I started thinking about what I could do with the set of characters I bought from the Disney Store. I visited the local cake supply store and bought wooden fence pieces, a bridge and the Wilton house cake pan (which can be used over for other holidays like Halloween and Christmas).

I looked at home at our model train items and found some trees. I went to a candy store and bought candy rocks (for the jewels the dwarfs mine) and chocolate candy that looks like rocks (around the mine). At Wal-mart I found dowel rods (to hold up the house) and gel piping (to make the water under the bridge). I drew out what I wanted the scene to look like on paper.

I started making the frosting 2 days before so it would be ready to use. I made 12 cups of frosting (9 cups white buttercream and 3 cups chocolate buttercream) the sheet cake is white cake (it took 3 boxes) and the house is 1 box of pound cake. I made the dwarfs cart with graham crackers, marshmallow cream (like glue), mini Nilla wafers, and chocolate frosting.

Overall it took almost 8 hours to complete from start to finish over a 3 day period. It was really fun to design and create and my daughter absolutely loved it! It was all worth it to see the look on her face!

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