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Coolest Spiderman Spider Birthday Cake

I made this Spiderman Spider Birthday Cake for my grandson for his 4th Birthday. I got the idea from his Daddy.

I covered a large wooden round with foil for the base. I made 2 large cakes (about 18″ rounds)for the body. I used 1 box of cake mix per round. I made 2 small cakes (about 12-13″ rounds) for the head. I used 1 box of cake mix split between the two. I made 1 extra large pan of Rice Crispy treats. I used about 12 cups of cereal/12cups of LARGE marshmallows (a double batch) for the legs.

I divided the crispys into 8 sections and shaped the legs. Allow to set.

I made powdered sugar frosting and dyed it with food color (make about 3 cups of blue/1/2 cup of red). I then poured blue over legs and red for toes. Set on wire rack to drip dry. You’ll need a lot of food color to get a dark color (so get the little individual bottles if possible). Be sure to use the regular large marshmallows when making Rice Crispy Treats for shaping/molding as the little ones don’t hold together as well because they have more corn starch on them per volume (so they WON’T stick together in packaging).

I used about 6 large cans of white pre-made frosting that I colored with food color (about 3 cans red, 3/4 can blue, 1/4 can white) (2 extra cans if using for filling) to frost this entire cake. Plus the powdered sugar frosting for legs.

I filled the cake rounds and stacked the two large together and the two small together. I cut a moon shape sliver off the small stack so that the two stacks would fit together at the neck.

I frosted the head in red and the outside and top edge of the large stack. I frosted the center of the back in blue and piped on stars all around edge of the blue. I piped on a black spider in the middle of the blue on the back and wrote Birthday wish on the blue.

I used the small black tube frosting to draw on the eyes and the webs( and spider). I piped in white frosting for eyes. I put the legs into position. I piped on webs on the board and did little stars with a tip at all the connections.

In all I used approximately the following:

3 boxed of cake mix (any flavor), eggs and oil

4 large cans of premade white frosting

2 cans frosting (any flavor for filing)

2 bags of powdered sugar

1+ boxes of rice crispys

2 bags of large marshmallows-butter

1 bottle of each of red and blue food coloring

1 pump can of blue frosting

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