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7 Cool Spider Man Cake Ideas and How-To Tips

Take a look at these cool Spider Man cake ideas and find inspiration for making your own!

I made the cake from a packet vanilla cake mix, which I make all my kids’ birthday cakes from. Mostly they don’t call for eggs to be added or butter, but I always add it and people always compliment me on my cakes being so moist. The kids also love them. I make the buttercream icing and spend most of my time coloring it and chasing my kids away from me while I am doing it :-)

I made this Spider Man cake for my son who was turning 3 and has a very bad case of Spiderman envy, he will only answer to Spiderman at the moment. The cake went down very well and I also had lots of orders put in from all the other mothers.


Spiderman cake idea by Antoinette N., Paarl, Cape Town, South Africa

Spider Man Cake Photo

Firstly, I don’t bake! I order a half “plaatkoek” from our local supermarket and request that they don’t put any icing on. Then – I spend some time on the internet or coloring-in books looking for pictures.

Once I’ve found something to work with, I print and enlarge to an A3. Then I cut out the picture and place it on the cake, holding it with pins. I cut around the edges so that you have the basic outline.

I then spread a thin layer of butter icing over the whole surface (for each cake I use a 500g brick margarine and about 1kg icing and a lot of different food colorings). Use a toothpick to make “pencil lines” for your insides. I fill in between the lines first and then do the outlines.

For this Spider Man cake, I did the inside lines first and filled the red in afterwards – much easier to do it the other way around. Power ranger:

For each cake I use a 500g brick margarine and about 1kg icing and a lot of different food coloring.

More Spider Man Cake Ideas

Spiderman cake idea by Aubree S., Bixby, OK

Spider Man Cake Photo

This spider man cake is simply a round cake iced in my sons favorite color- orange! Then I piped a spiderweb on and added one of his spiderman crawling guys to the top. He loved it!


Spiderman cake idea by Angella B., Mukilteo, WA

Spider Man Cake Photo

For this Spider man cake I did a follow up from a toy that my son found of Spiderman hunched down and shooting his web. We wanted something different and came up with this.

I used a small tip on the decorating bag and colored frosting and there you have it!

The kids all thought is was a hit!


This Spiderman cake idea by Gaetane S., Toronto, Canada

Spider Man Cake Photo


Spider Man cake idea by LuJuana T., Howe, OK

Spider Man Cake Photo


Spiderman cake idea by Melissa T., Davison, MI

Spider Man Cake Photo

Read Melissa’s “Party-Tale”: The story behind the Spiderman cake…

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