This Sponge Bob’s Pineapple House birthday cake was made from the Wilton brand fondant. The cake was chocolate and has a raspberry cream cheese filling. I made a tower and tried to shape it the best way I could (the fondant cracked somewhat but it was still OK . The cake was stacked with the filling in between and then I started to shape it with a standard kitchen knife.

I then frosted it lightly with regular store purchased frosting. I covered the base with fondant and then placed the cake on top and covered it with the fondant. I painted the lines on the house with a craft paint brush and watered down Wilton gel food coloring. Gary and Bob were hand molded from fondant and the pineapple leaves and flowers were dried the night before so they could keep their shape. I used toothpicks to keep Gary’s eyes and Bob’s legs, arms and nose in place.