Cool Homemade Suitcase Cake

I made this Suitcase Cake for a friend’s Wedding Shower. It’s a double-layer cake — 9 x 13, one layer chocolate sheet cake, one layer vanilla sheet cake, with a whipped-cream layer between with pink buttercream icing (Wilton’s recipe).

The marble effect of the icing was actually just due to poor mixing, but it looked interesting and tasted fine. The luggage tags, straps, and patches are all fondant. I just coloured pre-made Wilton’s white fondant and cut it into different shapes with buttercream writing and decorations such as flowers. The patches all have names of places the couple had visited together. The luggage tags have the couple’s names on them.

This cake easily served 35+ people with lots (almost half) leftover, since the sheet cakes are quite dense. I frequently make cakes this size for 50 to 60 people.

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