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Coolest Summertime Fun Camping Cake

The summertime fun camping cake is for a fellow employee’s birthday. The cake is chocolate iced with vanilla butter cream.  The dirt is made from crushed up graham crackers and the tents are also graham crackers broken in half covered with rolled butter cream and pretzel sticks for the poles. The pond is blue gel and the grass is also butter cream.

For the trees I used sugar cones and a star tip as well as a leaf tip the vary the leaves. For the campfire I softened vanilla tootsie rolls and colored them black and rolled them to resemble rocks. I colored sugar for the ashes and candles pushed down just far enough to break some pretzel sticks up and lean them against the candles as logs. Lite it up and listen to the amazing gasps that the campfire is real. Everyone loved it and was so curious how I did everything and in aw that it was all edible!

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