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Cool Homemade Super Bowl Cake Design

I made this Homemade Super Bowl Cake Design during the Superbowl since I am not as interested in the game as my husband and family!

I used choc cake mix and since I didn’t have a round or ball shaped pan I used a glass mixing bowl for the cake shape. I greased the bowl and poured the cake mix in the bowl and then baked! I then used a knife to cut out the shape.

I used the buttercreme frozen transfer for the emblems. I printed off the internet and traced with colored icing and a piping tip! I then iced each side of the cake with different color icing to represent each team color. I made some Marshmallow and confectioners sugar icing fondant and colored it and rolled it out with a rolling pen then I used a butter knife to cut it into strips and place in the middle of the helmet to cover where the different colored icing comes together. I used left over to cover pipe cleaner and shape for the face mask.

It turned out nice but unfortunately since I put so much food coloring in the icing to turn it black. The black Icing did not taste as good as the yellow. I was later told to put coco in the icing to darken it before trying to tint it black- I will try that next time I need black icing for something.

I am not a professional cake person, just started making cakes in the last few months when I needed to make something for my sons b-day party. Have gotten most of my ideas from this website! Thanks to everyone who posts ideas I have had fun trying them out.

Homemade Super Bowl Cake Design

Homemade Super Bowl Cake Design

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