Coolest Tangled Birthday Cake

This Tangled Birthday Cake was my first attempt at fondant. My daughter wanted a Tangled birthday for her 6th birthday. I was nervous about using the fondant, but think that it turned out pretty well. I used the Wilton Doll Pan, and an actual Tangled doll. I wrapped her legs in Saran Wrap and put her in the cake at an angle. I used MM fondant for the bodice of the dress and for the dress itself. It was pretty easy to work with.

Everyone was completely amazed and it might actually have gotten me some cake orders for other people!

2 thoughts on “Coolest Tangled Birthday Cake”

  1. Absoultely beautiful. My granddaughter is turning 3 soon and I’m going to attempt to make a Rapunzel cake for her party. I hope that my cake will turn out half as pretty as this one. I made homemade marshmallow fondant to use on my mom’s birthday cake and the fondant tasted great. I just hope I can get it on the doll cake without tearing it.

  2. Your cake is so pretty. I just got a call from a relative (as I am the designated baker) for a Rapunzel party she is planning for her daughter. I had no idea of where to start on this, I have seen some images of some just okay cakes…but yours has set off so many bells in my head! I love it, the look and everything about it. Almost looks a shame that it would have to be cut. I am no cake designer or anything, and always stay away from fondant when I attempt to BUT marshmallow fondant? Who would have thought…I will be trying this one and hoping it comes out as special as yours. thank you again!

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