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Cool Homemade Tangled (Rapunzel) Birthday Cake

This Homemade Tangled (Rapunzel) Birthday Cake is a red velvet and funfetti cake. Inside the cake I have a metal support that my husband made for me.

1. First I made ricekrispies and cut them with a round cookie cutter

2. I placed the rk on the metal dowel, it took 12 of the rounds.

3. I cut bigger rounds for the house 4 of the.

4. I glued all of the rks with white chocolate.

5. I cover the tower with fondant,

6. I cut the cake to simulate small hills cover with frosting and then fondant.

7. The roof on the house are two icecream cones covered in white chocolate and the tiles are fondant I cut little squares and then placed them 1 by 1.

8. The lanterns are hung using the new small curled wires for cupcakes.

9. The trees are just fondant and frosting as well as the river.

10. The hair is held in place by toothpicks, 2 on the middle of the tower and 1 on the window.

11. The flower is lit. I used a small light I got at Michael’s, they are usually used on arrangements.

Homemade Tangled (Rapunzel) Birthday Cake

Homemade Tangled (Rapunzel) Birthday Cake

Homemade Tangled (Rapunzel) Birthday Cake

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