Coolest Rapunzel Tangled Cake

I made this Disney Rapunzel Tangled Cake for a co-workers granddaughter. It is easy to make, but just takes planning and a few hours.

At least 2 days before event make the towers:

Use four cake pillars, (I used the large Grecian style) and space them around a 10’ cardboard cake board and hot glue them down. Wrap the pillars with masking tape so there are no gaps. I then made moist marshmallow fondant, wet my hands and smoothed it all over the wrapped pillars. I then scored the fondant to look like brick. It doesn’t have to perfectly smooth as it’s a castle! Let it dry and then take cocoa powder mixed with a bit of powdered sugar and brush all over the fondant to bring out the lines. You can then add a tree, door, windows or any other decoration you would like .

Hot glue another 10 “ cardboard cake board on top of pillars and add more fondant up to the bottom of the cardboard. If you wish you can form decorative corbels out of fondant. I added two to each side and painted them with brown icing color so they would stand out. Add vines made out of fondant, modeling chocolate or frosting. Add flowers any place you wish. The flowers were made of modeling chocolate.


I made the cake out of three 10” layers, three 8” layers, one 6” layer stacked on top of each other and one sugar ice cream cone. After frosting, carve it to look like a house. I used buttercream for the cake except the roof which I made out of marshmallow fondant colored with purple & blue to make a marbled color. I cut it to fit the roof and scored it to look like tile and brushed it with edible glitter. I also used that fondant to cover the ice cream cone and added at the end.

To make the window where Rapunzel is, I cut out a section shaped like a window and placed the doll inside. Decorate the outside as shown or as you wish.

Place the cake on top of the tower.

Homemade Rapunzel Tangled Cake

Homemade Rapunzel Tangled Cake

Homemade Rapunzel Tangled Cake

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  1. Aside from “very carefully,” how did you transport this without destroying it? I just might try to make this, but will have to take it with me to a birthday party location.


  2. I put the cake portion in a box to transport. The tower is pretty sturdy, so I just wrapped it in plastic and put on the floor of my car


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