Coolest Teletubbies Birthday Cake

I started making the Teletubbies and the Nunu cake toppers 2 weeks before the party. I colored my fondant in the different colors and made the body part individually, and let them dry properly before I assembled them. I made the Teletubbies favorite things and the Nunu.  I’d say my Nunu came out the best and my sister agrees. I thought Pow’s scooter would’ve been difficult to make but it was quite easy, because I made the different pieces and assembled it just like the Teletubbies with tooth pics and soft fondant.

I struggled a bit with the fleshy color. I divided two parts of white fondant colored the one part green and the other I mixed with red and yellow. This trick I Googled and artist working with paint colors put the steps on Google.  This I played with mixed added the two different colors till I got Dipsy’s darker brown skin tone and added more white to gradually get the lighter skin tones. I covered the cake with butter cream that I colored green and used a grass nossle with my piping tube.

I made the dome’s doors, windows and frames a day before I started decorating the cake.  The frames I made from fondant and put them around one bigger dome glass and two smaller glasses to get the fondant to set in that shape.  The door and windows I made from dark gray fondant and light blue the pattern. The pattern I made from a plastic spoon. This is funny cause I’m an artistic person and I can think quick when I see something I know how to make it without anyone showing me how or even when I tried to Google this I couldn’t get help from the internet. I simply used my artistic brain.

I didn’t want the plain cakes I saw on the internet. I wanted to create the over the hills effect. I used a glass dome shape bowl for the house. Two A4 size for the fat parts and four smaller parts for the hill effect. The dome is vanilla cake, the A4 is chocolate and the four smaller is custard squares (I bought these).  Oh, my trees on the left I made from sugar cones I covered in chocolate and Calogos rice crispies I colored green. The trees on the right I used grape twigs covered in chocolate and the rice crispies.  The part where the Nunu is standing is just green colored coconut and the path on the sides of the house is the chocolate pieces you usually through over cakes.

The sun and windmill I made out of paper and stapled them with straws.  The flowers and candles I brought.  I had great fun making this cake. I really worked very hard on it. This cake haunted me from last year. It felt like a huge relieve after I made this cake.  My triplet girls love Teletubbies; all cartoons are “mommy I want to watch Teletubbies”.  I made masks for them for the day.  Piñatas and their cousin joined them to be Dipsy.  I brought fleece track suites and 1m gray material and sewed the gray material on to. I even made Tubbie toast and Tubbie custard.

cake with pinatas

cake, tubbie custard and tubbie toast

cake with birthday girls

front view of the cake