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Cool Homemade Teletubbies Birthday Cake

This Teletubbies Birthday Cake was a special request for the 2 year old nephew of a work colleague. The little boy loves the Teletubbies which airs on CBeebies. All the cake toppers are hand formed from sugar paste which I coloured myself. I started making the toppers a week before and just carried on doing them one by one in the evening after work (after my twins had fallen asleep).

I used florist’s wire and toothpicks for support. The little scooter was probably the most challenging for me, but I was over the moon with the end result.

The cake itself was a 25 cm square carrot cake about 10 cm high and was actually larger than I thought it would be. I used a cream cheese frosting which actually stood up quite well….fortunately it is still fairly temperate in Botswana as we are nearing the end of winter.I coloured about 2 kg of sugarpaste in grassy green and covered cake the night before.

The cake was a huge hit. The mother was very pleased and the birthday boy instantly recognized the Teletubby characters! All in all, I was super happy with how the cake turned out.

8 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Teletubbies Birthday Cake”

  1. I am amazed at your skill, and dedication. The figures look like plastic toys, I can’t believe you made them. Are you a professional baker?

  2. Hi Sameena

    No…I am very much a “hobby baker”. I have only ever made 3 cakes with handformed sugar toppers. A 64 Zoo lane cake, a Ben 10 and the Teletubbies cake. I work full-time, but find that I really enjoy making the toppers….a creative outlet I suppose. Thanks for the compliment!

  3. wow i am very surprised you could make that your self.My son really wants a cake like that but i dont know 1 thing about making figures and the ingredients and stuff so if you could i would love love love love if you could e-mail me at pipporae@yahoo.com

  4. That is seriously good! You have done an amazing job getting their faces right. I’ve seen other good cakes but they never get the faces right! Beautiful – well done! If you lived closer i would pay you do do my daughters teletubby cake for her second birthday ~ lol

  5. Hi. Just found this while searching for a teletubies cake idea to give to a baker for my friend’s daughter. How much do you charge for a cake like that, and how long in advance would I need to place an order?

  6. Hi I think your cake and figuriens are amazing I have been trying for three days now using diffrent tecniques but I am not happy Congratulations. Ihope since tis cake you have moved on to greater things.

  7. Hi,

    You cake is awesome…….im looking to make a teletubbies cake for my son for his 3rd bday…he’s a teletubbies fan…but in the place where i live……..we dont get corn syrup and marshmallows and readymade fondant are too expensive,is there a way i can make my own fondant at home ? how did u prepare yours ? can u pls help ?

    please mail me at preety_rajan@yahoo.com


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