Coolest Terminator Cake

I made this for my son’s 10th birthday. I made the fondant Terminator/Arnold face a week in advance, using a cartoon image that I traced onto parchment paper. Using toothpicks I traced each individual element (hair, face, metal face, shirt, jacket) onto fondant colored accordingly and then cut it out. I made the flesh face first, cutting out the part where the metal face is supposed to be, I then attached the metallic fondant below the face. The metal eye and teeth were added later.

I left a little overhang on the pieces that are below to attach other pieces on top. The gun and bullets I did free-hand. The blood on the cut face I did with a brush and some red and very little brown coloring gel I mixed together.

The details on face I did free-hand and then attached with some water. I used silver pearl dust and lemon juice on gray fondant to get the metallic effect. The road around the homemade Terminator cake represents the scene when they are traveling on the dark highway, on the way to change an uncertain future.

Oh, and there was a blinking light under the red eye. All my son’s friends loved it! That was the only inedible thing on the cake.

As soon as the homemade Terminator cake was cut my kids and the birthday boy’s friends went straight for the decorations. People who came late to the party only saw a silvery gray cake and were like “umm , that’s nice.” Lol.

The cake was from scratch, chocolate cake with cookies and cream frosting. YUM!!!! i miss it…..

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