Coolest Thomas Cake

I was excited to make a Thomas cake for my son’s 3rd birthday. I got so many great ideas from this site, but didn’t think I was ready to try a 3-D cake.

So I just baked a 9 x 13 cake and decorated the top. I used a coloring page for a template, traced around it with a toothpick before outlining and filling in the details. In order to get the dimensions right, I cut the coloring page into separate parts and traced around them individually as I went along.

I used store bought buttercream icing, tinted it with gel colors and used a pastry bag and different tips. As someone else mentioned, I bought a black icing to use for the black and gray parts instead of trying to tint white. I decided to use red rope licorice for the red lines for something different. I added a little extra gray icing to give Thomas’ cheeks and nose more dimension.

It took a long time, but was worth it! Who needs to go to bed before 1:00 a.m. the night before a birthday?!

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  1. Oh my gosh!! I wish I would have seen this last week! My daughter LOVES Thomas and I am unsure about 3-D cakes, also. Wow, what a great job! I think I might try this one!!

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