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Coolest Thundercats Emblem Cake

My younger brother LOVES the Thundercats series till this very day; so as a special surprise for him (and for myself, since it was my first time making a customized cake) I decided to make the famous Thundercat symbol for his 30th birthday.

The homemade Thundercats emblem cake is a two layer Betty Crocker Strawberry mix, with French Vanilla icing. The fondant is a homemade marshmallow recipe, and the cat symbol is gum paste that is made from the same batch of fondant. I made the cat symbol by using a stencil I drew, and cut out the figure from my gum paste which was colored using black Gel Color from Wilton.

Cake recipe: Since this was my first time, I used a store bought box mix for his favorite flavor and followed directions on the back. I hope to graduate in making my own cake mix from scratch soon… fingers crossed :)

Fondant recipe: This recipe was used for a 3lb. batch of fondant. The amount you need may vary, so be sure to calculate accordingly. I also recommend making your fondant at least 2 days before you are planning to use it, since you wouldn’t want it to be too soft to work with. It’s much better when it has time to set. You may keep it wrapped in plastic wrap and placed in an airtight container for freshness.

16 oz. of Marshmallow,

2 lbs. of powdered/confectioner’s sugar

5tbls. of water

2tbls. of vanilla extract

Crisco/Shortening (used for greasing workspace, utensils and your hands. Homemade fondant can be messy! Prepare thyself! :)

**Optional Food Coloring (Gel Colors are my personal choice since they don’t cause your fondant to thin out**

“Let’s get to work!”:

1. Crisco/shortening time to shine! Grease everything! All bowls, spatulas, mixing tools, etc.

2. Sift powdered sugar in a non greased bowl

3. In your mixing bowl, place vanilla and water; also add 1 cup of the sifted powdered sugar.

4. Place marshmallow in microwave for one minute and stir well after removal. If marshmallow is still lumpy, you can replace it in the microwave for 10-30 second shots until its smooth. **TIP: If you want color in the fondant, add it at this stage of soft marshmallow so the color will blend more evenly. Be sure to make it a deeper shade since the powdered sugar will lighten the color when mixed. You can still add more color and knead it in by hand at the final stage if needed**

5. Blend in melted marshmallow with powdered sugar, vanilla and water. Be sure to add the rest of the powdered sugar a little at a time so all ingredients mix evenly. Touch mix to look for dry, pliable dough like texture.

6. Remove from bowl and place on greased counter and knead by hand thoroughly. **TIP: Be sure to grease your hands for easier smooth kneading** Add pressure to kneading to look for sugar clumps. If any are present, remove them, since this will ruin the fondant.

Once smooth and done, you can wrap it in clear plastic wrap until you are ready to use. Be sure to use plenty of cornstarch on your workspace when trying to roll out your fondant to place on your cake. Don’t worry about the cornstarch ruining your cake, as you can wipe/dust it off later.

**If you are planning on using gum paste for your cake, I advise making your figures/designs in advance in order to give them a chance to dry thoroughly.**

Gum paste Recipe: You may add Tylose Powder (found in most baking supply stores) to your fondant. Kneading in a little Tylose at a time will allow you to control the texture of your gum paste. The end result should be a play-dough like texture compared to the smooth elasticity of fondant. You may also use the Tylose Powder mixed with water as an adhesive to glue your figures/designs to your cake for added security (For me, water did a good job on its own).

Hope this helped! Sweet Adventures, to you all!

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  1. I like how you did the cake its so cool never seen a cake that stunning. I was wondering how much would you charge me ti make te calle my brother is having a b-day party & he os un lo ve with the characters and Thundercats plese fe el frase ti comment back i really liked the calle :)


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