Coolest Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

I made this Tinkerbell Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 5th birthday. She wanted a Tinkerbell theme so I bought a doll and had a look at some ideas on this site for inspiration. I used my pampered chef small batter bowl to bake the cake and used a tried and tested sponge cake recipe – it’s actually a lemon drizzle cake recipe but I left out the lemon and added vanilla flavouring instead.

I always use this recipe as it has more sugar and flour than butter (6oz to 4oz), always turns out well and is a little firmer than an ordinary sponge recipe. I made a larger quantity to make sure I had enough batter so the final recipe used was 6oz butter creamed with 9oz sugar, add 3 eggs, 9oz flour then add 6 tbsp milk and the vanilla/lemon flavouring if desired. All whisked together to form a smooth batter.

I filled the batter bowl 3/4 full and used remaining batter to fill some muffin cases. The cake took 45 mins bake at 170c, (the muffins took 20 mins). When cooled I sliced the cake through the middle and filled with jam. I added one of the muffins to the top and covered the whole cake in melted jam to help the icing stick. Then I carefully pushed the doll, (legs wrapped in cellophane), into the cake up to her waist. I covered the cake in pale pink icing, draping it round to form the skirt then used two tones of green to make long and short leaves to decorate the top.

I finished off with some sugar balls and flowers and made a small plaque for the front with the leftover green icing. Finally I dusted some cake glitter over the whole thing to add some fairy sparkle!

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