Coolest Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

I was amazed at how easy this Tinkerbell Birthday Cake was to make. I used the ideas from many people on this site. I bought a Wilton dress mold and a Tinkerbell doll. I wrapped the doll’s lower half in plastic wrap and cut a hole for the entire body and stuck her in the cake. I used a plastic bag and secured it with a rubber band on her upper half until I was finished frosting because I was sure that I would get frosting on her.

The cake pan used two boxes of cake mix.

I frosted the cake first with a crumb layer of frosting. Then I used some light green frosting for the skirt and tried to smooth it out a bit. I then used a cake comb through the skirt to give it the effect. I sprinkled green sugar on the skirt. I used a darker green to outline the skirt petals. Then I used a Wilton frosting tip #47 (basketweave) with light purple frosting for the base.

I decorated the rest with #21 flowers in yellow. The frosting part from beginning to end took about 2-3 hours.

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