After having 3 boys, I was so surprised to find out I was pregnant with my 4th child. Even more to find out it was a girl! We were so excited, and I’d finally get to indulge my love for Fairies and Tinkerbell.

This first birthday cake for my baby girl was a lot of fun to make. I made all the decorations out of vanilla marshmallow fondant, which needs to be made about a week in advance. After letting the fondant rest overnight, I shaped the door for the fairy stump house, stones, torch, window, doorknob, and mushrooms.

The decorations were left to dry on waxed paper for several days. The cakes were vanilla butter cake, baked in an 8 inch round pan. I baked two layers, and once completely cooled, I split each in half so I had 4 layers. I filled and stacked the layers with chocolate butter cream and frosted the sides with the chocolate butter cream as well. The top was frosted with vanilla butter cream, tinted with a touch of cocoa to get a tan color. I used chocolate butter cream to make the tree ‘rings’. The little stump, (baby’s smash cake), was made the same way, just using those cute baby pans you can get at craft stores.

I covered the cake board with ‘grass’, made using green tinted butter cream and a grass decorator tip. I attached the fondant decorations using a touch of frosting. Then I place the little plastic fairies.

All in all, while the cake probably could’ve been a little neater, I was pretty satisfied with the results. My sweet little girl loved it, and even my 6 year old son was kinda fascinated with it, and said he wished he could shrink down so he could walk around in the little fairy land.