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Coolest Tinkerbell Birthday Cake Idea

My daughter had a Tinkerbell themed 4th birthday party. A lot of people were coming since it was on our family reunion weekend so I knew I had to go big on this Tinkerbell Birthday Cake Idea.

I baked 2 10″ round, 2 8″ round 2 bowls for the tea pot. I made about 4 batches of buttercream to ice it with. I stacked the layers and dirty iced, I wet knifed and sprayed it with Wilton’s green edible food color spray. I bought the rings at my local cake supply store along with some of the sugar flowers. I made a few of the sugar flowers ahead of time myself.

The rocks came from Wal-mart (they are chocolate) and the plaque is made of marshmallow fondant and written on with a Wilton edible food writer. The Tinkerbell on top is from Wal-mart (if you push down on the lady bug, her wings flutter, so I took a small rubber band and tied it down for the cake presentation).

The tea pot on top is made of two half bowls stuck together. I dirty iced it and sprayed it with green Wilton food color spray. I rolled out green marshmallow fondant 1/4″ thick and hand cut the leaf shapes and textured them with a spoon. I applied them all around the “tea pot”. Then for the handle, I cut a sucker stick in half and rolled out a rope of fondant, stuck the sticks into both ends and curved it around. I gave it wood texture with a spoon and stuck it in one side of the freshly leaved bowl cake. I watered down some brown food coloring gel and painted the handle.

For the spout, I rolled out a rope of fondant and stuck a sucker stick in one end. I used another sucker stick to help the other end look hollow. I gave it wood texture with a spoon and stuck it into the cake. I painted it with watered down brown food coloring.

Everyone loved it and it really only took a few hours to make.



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