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Coolest Tinkerbell Doll Birthday Cake

I made this Tinkerbell Doll Birthday Cake for my beautiful little girl’s 2nd birthday. She has fairy wings and cardboard cut outs of fairies (from Disney’s Tinkerbell and the great fairy rescue movie) hanging in her bedroom, so this became my inspiration for a Tinkerbell themed birthday.

First I Googled Tinkerbell birthday cakes for some ideas and found this website. As soon as I saw how pretty the doll cakes were I was set on making one.

I used a pudding tin to make the skirt, and baked a simple homemade vanilla butter cake in it. I found a large recipe that was big enough to fill the tin, on another website (my oven was set on 140 and it took 2 1/2 hrs all up). Make sure you grease and flour tin well before baking or cake will stick and break when you try to take it out.

When cake was completely cool (about 2hrs) I placed in freezer for 45mins so it was easier to cut. I leveled the top of the cake and turned it over onto a silver cake board.

Next I iced cake completely in mint green butter cream icing, then stuck in Tinkerbell pushing down lightly, and carefully twisting her into cake (first I took her outfit off, and wrapped her in glad wrap from her waist down).

I had made homemade marshmallow fondant the day before (recipe off an internet site) and dyed half very light green and other half mint green to match the butter cream icing. I then cut out as many leaf shapes as I could,(some small, some a little larger) so if some were ruined while decorating I would have backup.

I purchased a fondant leaf cutter from a cake decorating shop. Then I stuck the leaves on very carefully using a small amount of extra butter cream on the backs of them, starting from the bottom of the cake and working my way up, so they slightly overlapped. Finishing the cake off with the small leaves at the top of the cake.

I had a small amount of fondant left over and dyed it purple and made a little flower, this matched the outfit the Tinkerbell doll, came with. I put a few spare leaves around the flower to put her candles in.

The doll was a light up wings doll, which also played little melodies when pressed, so it made it look extra magical. This cake did take a lot of time, and practicing techniques, but well worth it, as everyone loved it especially my daughter. So thank you to this website for all your fantastic cakes, helpful hints, and great ideas, and imagination from submitters.

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