Coolest TMNT Sewer Cake

This TMNT Sewer Cake was a birthday cake for my son’s 21st birthday. As a little boy he loved the TMNTs and had quite a collection. For his birthday we found him a 1991 vintage TMNT Pinball Machine. We planned a surprise party around the TMNT theme.

The birthday cake was inspired by the invitation which showed the turtle hands around the sewer top. Both my husband and I created the actual cake. This was our first ever use of fondant, gum paste or candy melts on a cake. So it was a learn as you go project. I received constant phone support from my daughter Amber who makes beautiful fondant cakes.

The bottom layer cake is a 12”x12” square yellow cake with butter cream frosting. Then this layer was covered in “brick” colored Wilton rolled fondant and scored in a brick pattern. I had planned to make the white lines in the brick pattern but my husband preferred the look of the scored fondant.

The letters were cut out of gum paste and colored with markers (for food of course). The round cake is a 10” single layer yellow cake covered in butter cream frosting. Then the round layer is covered in 50/50 mix of dark mint chocolate (candy clay) and brown colored Wilton rolled fondant.

The mix of candy clay and fondant made the sewer layer the most requested serving. The turtle body is 50/50 mix Wilton rolled fondant and gum paste colored dark ‘turtle’ green. The red accents are gum paste. The sewer lid is made of pure white mint chocolate melts colored with black coloring and marbled. The entire cake is edible.

Coolest TMNT Sewer Cake

Coolest TMNT Sewer Cake

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  1. You two did awesome, I grew up on TMNT too and loved the theme. But reading everything that went into the cake, the end result was amazing! The sewer mint chocolate top must have tasted awesome.


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