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Coolest Topsy Turvy Cake

This is what was left of my first Topsy Turvy cake attempt. I did lots of research, and had a plan, but it just did not happen the way I intended. In all I had 10 boxed cake mixes, 30 eggs, one recipe of regular buttercream icing, and double recipes of both peanut butter buttercream icing and chocolate fudge buttercream icing, and 4 recipes of homemade marshmallow fondant invested in this cake, plus a minimum of 30 hours work.

I even stayed up all night trying to finish it up, but the bottom two tiers ended up going in the trash! It seemed that anything that could go wrong, DID go wrong! The bottom tier was four 10″ layers of chocolate fudge cake that were iced with the peanut butter buttercream, middle tier was four 8″ layers of yellow cake iced with chocolate fudge buttercream, and the top tier was four 6″ layers of white cake with confetti sprinkles iced with regular buttercream icing tinted pink, which is pictured here.

I then covered it in the homemade marshmallow fondant, and decorated it with decorations I made with fondant days in advance, including the bow.

I am determined that I will master a Topsy Turvy cake sometime in the future! Just have to do a little more research!

If it weren’t for our failures, our successes would not be near as sweet!

6 thoughts on “Coolest Topsy Turvy Cake”

  1. Sorry to hear your Topsy Turvy gave you some problems. I’ve been wanting to try one for some time now but can’t get up the nerve. Seems you have to work the whole balancing act out in your brain first and sometimes this brain just doesn’t get it. LOL! Anyway, maybe if you sketch it out on paper first it would help. I’ve done that with the last few cakes I made and it was amazing at how similar the cake turned out. Sometimes you just need a map to lead you in the right direction! ;^)

  2. I think that your cake looks Great!!!.. I am going to attempt to make a cake for my daughters 4th birthday and I loved your cake.. Great Job..
    I have never worked with fondant so I hope it all goes smoothly…

  3. I loved the idea of the fondant colored balloons, just thinking of using wooden sque-ers (sp?) that I would normally use for shish-ka-bobs to do it. I think this cake is so pretty, just mapping mine out for for my sons 4th, and making it boy-ish. Loved this and had to leave a comment! Great Job!! :)

  4. Top layer looks great. Did you measure around the bottom layers and cut out an indentation for next layer each time? and use the cake boards. Only other thought is maybe try using a different type of cake, like a pound cake? Hope you have mastered this soon. :D

  5. You can now purchase Topsy turvy tins which cut out half the time and the brain science behind cutting the cake to shape. They are not cheap but if you are planning on making a few, they are worth the money just for the time-saving element.


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