Coolest Tow Mater Cake

My grandson was turning 2 and my daughter asked me to make the cake so immediately I thought of Mater because he LOVES the movie Cars and Mater is his favorite character.

I started by making two 9×13 cakes for the base, filled them with Oreo cream filling and also frosted the top with the Oreo cream filling. Then I frosted the sides with chocolate frosting. For Mater I started with two Sara Lee pound cakes found in the frozen section of the store. I carved out some cake for the motor and the back of the truck. I frosted him with chocolate butter cream frosting. I used mini chocolate doughnuts for the tires. Then I used Kit Kat’s for the bumpers and for the tow hitch.

I used red licorice for the tow. I used an orange DOTS candy for the light on top and orange M&M’s for the cab lights. For the front and side windows and teeth I used white sugar sheets, they are edible and I just cut out the shape I needed and put it on. For the green part of the eyes I rolled out green DOTS candy and for the pupil I used a brown M&M. I used a yellow M&M for the headlight.

The motor is a Kit Kat cut in half and then a Reeses cup for the air cleaner. This Tow Mater Cake was a HUGE hit at my grandson’s party, everyone just loved it and couldn’t believe I made it. The best part was when my grandson Taten saw it…he got a huge smile on his face and said “Mater”. We just lifted the Mater off the top and he got the whole thing to himself while everyone else got the base part of the cake. What fun this was to make!

Homemade Tow Mater Cake

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