Coolest Tow Mater Cake

My son loves Mater so this Tow Mater cake was my first adventurous go at making a sculptured cake for him for his 3rd birthday. All up it probably took about 7 hours to make but the reaction from everyone made it so worth it and my son absolutely loved it.

I started off by using my favorite chocolate cake recipe and made up 3 lots of the mix and baked it in a large and deep baking tray. Once cooled I cut it up used 2/3 of the cake wide and trimmed a bit off the end for the main body of Mater, then used the cut of bits to make the cab double height again and used other bits to add to the tray sides and bonnet sides and rounded these off, added a bit of icing and a toothpick to stop them sliding off.

I used butter cream icing colored in browny orange, blue, and black and used fondant colored in green (for the doors), yellow (for the back and a hub cap), black (for back), brown (for 2 hub caps) and some left white for his eyes and another hub cap.

I mixed up all the icing ready to go and put the cake in the fridge when ever I had to fill up the piping gun or bags.

I worked from bottom to top, changing colors as I needed and sticking the relevant fondant parts on when needed as I went. The tires were piped last after I put Oreo’s onto the butter cream I piped over them then added the hub caps. For the eyes, tail lights and head lights I used m&m’s and smarties, with a touch of black writing icing for the pupils. For the top lights I used candy corn, the warning light was an orange round lolly.

For the tow hitch I used a cotton real wrapped in licorice, then made up the frame with Kit Kat’s (I used tooth picks poked into the end to help them stand up in the cake and then melted chocolate to stick the Kit Kat on the top. Then a Twix bar shortened and stuck out on an angle with a toothpick with licorice tied around it. For the hook I melted chocolate over a piece of licorice in the shape of a hook and put n the freezer to set.

I also used fondant for the teeth, then did the outlines with black icing writing pen. On the doors I scraped the tow mater writing on there with a knife then when almost finished I piped the black writing on the doors. For the motor I used Kit Kat’s and on to is an Oreo that was coated in chocolate. The mirrors are Kit Kat’s that I cut to length and used toothpicks to attach to the main body (I also drizzled melted chocolate over the toothpicks so they couldn’t be seen.

Everyone at the party loved the cake especially my little boy.

Coolest Tow Mater Cake

Coolest Tow Mater Cake

Coolest Tow Mater Cake

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