Tow Mater Cake

This was my first attempt to carve a Tow Mater cake from scratch without molds. I used some of the ideas from others on this page. I used a 12×18 sheet cake for the bottom (decorate and frost last). I used four 9×13 rectangle cakes stacked up and carved a tow truck shape from it. Once carved, I moved the tow truck onto the sheet cake. (You don’t want to decorate and then try to move it onto the sheet cake later). I used buttercream for the entire cake. Colors included green, white, blue, orange, black and yellow). I used small gem donuts for the four wheels and used black frosting to cover it. All designs are piped with the larger star tip.

Tow truck accessories: Kit Kat bars for the beams on the back (five needed), three kit Kat’s stuck together, broken in half for the engine in front, one Reese’s peanut butter cup to place on top of the three halves of Kit Kats, Licorice Twizzlers pull and peel for the tow line (I used cherry since my nephew doesn’t like black licorice, but you would use black), empty thread spool to wrap licorice around, Twix for the longest extension on his back, Gum paste for his buck teeth ( you only need a small amount rolled out and cut in the shape of teeth, allow to dry and harden and then stick in the cake).

After I got done with frosting the tow truck and adding accessories I frosted green buttercream for the bottom (don’t worry about making it smooth); he’s sitting on grass so you want it mixed with cake crumbs ( to look like dirt); then I used the grass tip to pipe grass around the different areas.

Tow Mater Cake

Tow Mater Cake

Tow Mater Cake

14 thoughts on “Tow Mater Cake”

  1. My son would love a cake like that. If he still loves cars next year and I am feeling brave, I might have a go at it!!!!!

  2. Aunt Annie…you ROCK this Tow Mater cake! Dylan absolutely loved his cake. Thanks a million for your artistic and creativeness… love, Hoonie & the kiddies

  3. I can’t thank you enough for posting this cake!!
    I love to make cakes for my 3kids & my family & use this site a lot but I hate that fondant and is not good to eat so I stick to buttercream & its hard to understand a lot of these cakes & a lot use fondant…you go into detail & that’s what we need! I love it!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I’ve printed it all out so I can make this cake for my sons bday.

  4. You’re killing me with the details! How am I ever going to pull this one off?!

    Thanks for the great ideas – I’ll be attempting this cake along with a Lightning cake for my daughter’s birthday next month!

  5. This is just… wow! Amazing. I wish all my first tries were like yours. LOL

    Great job!

    I’m not showing this to my son. LOL

  6. I am trying this for a party this weekend. Thank you so much for all your details – definitely saving me a lot of brain work! You’re the best!

  7. VERY COOL and creative im in charge of making the cake for my nephews 5th bday so i might give this a try

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