Coolest Toy Story Cake

My son loved the idea of having a cake that looked like Andy’s bed from the movie with all the characters and I used this site for ideas on the bed. However, I wanted to add a unique touch to the Toy Story Cake so I decided to incorporate my son into it. Besides, I had made a little figurine of my daughter in her Nancy Drew birthday cake and my son expected the same treatment.

I used six boxed mixes for three layers of cake to create the bed. I wrapped a wooden frame I made for the headboard in modeling chocolate and then wrapped graham crackers in modeling chocolate to create the bed frame along the back and sides. Next, I covered the top of the cake in marshmallow fondant to create the look of the sheet. I then formed my son’s head and body out of marshmallow cereal treats, decorated only the head with fondant and placed it on a fondant covered graham cracker acting as the pillow. I also placed some cereal along the center of the cake to look like his body under the blanket.

Now I was ready to place the fondant blanket on the cake. Once the blanket was applied I placed the arms of the body over the blanket, decorated them with fondant and created his hands by wrapping a cut up large marshmallow in fondant and forming little fingers.

Buzz and Woody were made entirely out of marshmallow fondant. They took a long time as I got a little overzealous with the details but I was very happy with how they turned out. Since they were sleeping in the bed with my son I was able to create them somewhat flat which made it much easier than if I’d been trying to support their bodies in an upright position. The rest of the figurines were also made with marshmallow fondant. To give them stability I sliced large marshmallows into the shapes I wanted and then wrapped them in fondant. It worked really well and the kids loved eating them. The only one I had real trouble with was Rex so I only made his head and had him peek out from under the blanket.

My son was extremely happy with his Toy Story cake!



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