Coolest Toy Story Toy Box Birthday Cake

This Toy Story Toy Box Birthday Cake is a cake I decided to make for my son’s 3rd birthday party. I wanted to do something with the Toy Story Theme, but wanted to do something a little less traditional, so decided to do a version of “Andy’s Toy Box”.

This cake is made out of two 9X13 cakes placed on top of a Styrofoam base. I knew I didn’t need that much cake for the party and also knew that it would be a structural nightmare. After getting the Styrofoam the way I liked it, I added a piece of cake board to the top so there wouldn’t be any concern about getting Styrofoam in the cake. I then covered the foam with Press and Seal. It seemed to stick the best.

After trimming the cakes, I covered the entire surface with buttercream icing. I tinted pre-made fondant brown and rolled it out big enough to cover the entire cake. I also rolled out extra to cover the cardboard piece that I used for the lid. After getting the fondant in place, I used the end of a spoon to make wood grain lines in the cake. After this I took Brown Gel Food coloring and mixed it with Vodka to “paint” the cake and create the stained wood effect. This does make the cake a little tacky, but it will eventually dry, just takes some time.

I then just decorated the Toy Box with all of my son’s favorite toys. We got lots of great compliments and people couldn’t believe that it was actually made of cake.

Homemade Toy Story Toy Box Birthday Cake

Homemade Toy Story Toy Box Birthday Cake

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